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Roam outside in any weather with Quartz Loom Waterproof Sneakers that will keep your feet dry in any condition. It’s well-cushioned, impact-resistant, and has breathable upper material, making sure that your feet are fresh and comfortable at all times



Material that absorbs and releases moisture from the air to protect against rashes and bad foot odor


Super Comfortable

The perfect cushioning system created to maximize comfort and prevent injuries and strain



Destroy bacteria that creates foot odor and fungal infections

High Perfomance

Looks like sneakers but durable enough for trail adventure

Easy to Wash

Outer coating made to repel stains and easily washed away with water



Allows you to be light on your feet and reduce foot fatigue



Form-fitting flexibility that liberates your movement and allows for a full range of motion


Slip Resistant

Contains non-marking rubber soles that will provide excellent traction to ace dry and wet trails alike

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