Quartz Luxury was founded in May 2020 by Tony Luu (CEO) who grew up on the street Quartz Ave. and Robyn Luu (President) bringing her world-class UK approach to designer fashion and luxury services. Pulling inspiration from an international lifestyle and passion for travel, their blueprint has been to consistently create wearable yet bold statement pieces with the highest quality fabrics in pursuit of extraordinary appeal & style by showcasing diverse influencers of top celebrities, models, & athletes.

The Quartz ‘BEYOND’ fleet of luxury rental services ranges from luxury homes, exotic cars, yacht & private air charters. The variety of the available transportation collection allows our clients to elevate their lifestyle on a daily basis.

Our first original collection titled ‘PLAYERS COLLECTION’ was influenced by the Luu family’s countless early life experiences in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand with the “Players Club”. We incorporated the Summer theme of working out at the highest athlete level to solidify the “PLAYERS” title.

Our second line dropped in November 2020 named the ‘LEGACY COLLECTION’ from the founders Grandfathers military background. Inspired by his team squad dragon logo, the incorporation of the original emblem and Quartz logo was infused with camouflage bandana patterns.

Quartz Luxury’s line of designer items is up to par with the very finest of high-end brands. Quartz has become the definition of classic fashion that is classy, timeless, and unique. We display the trendiest styles influenced by design concepts worldwide.