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24 Hours: $800 | Free Miles: 100 | Per Mile After: $2.50

2015 Audi R8 Quattro Coupe

The V-8 will destroy the V-10 on the track; V-8 is just a beast on the road. The V-8 is hands down the best car to drive on windy roads & if you want that good performance drive. The V8 grip is phenomenal and once you’re past the straight ahead and throwing yourself into bends, the steering is delightfully precise.

 Great car for both comfort or performance on long distance drives. Cruising in the city expect to turn heads while cruising through traffic in luxury & beauty. This car is perfect for individuals who prefer an exotic car that still has the elegant look of an exotic but not too much flash. 

Equipped with rear parking cameras & navigation. Sport mode & heated seats. All cars are equipped with multiple tracking devices & recorders.


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